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QO Plug-On Neutral Connector Clamping Screws– Field Inspection and Remediation Instructions

This bulletin contains instructions for evaluation and potential remediation of QO plug-on neutral (PoN) interiors used in Square D™ brand or Schneider Electric™ 100 through 225 A QO main lugs and main circuit breaker indoor and outdoor load centers with UL or CSA markings. Manufacturing date codes are February 1, 2020, through January 12, 2022, using date codes YYWWDS where YY = year, WW = week, D = day, and S = shift. 200561 through 220233 with Plant Code 15 are affected.

Date: June 27 2022 | Type: Instruction Sheet
Languages: English, French, Spanish | Version: 01
Document Number: GEX49540


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