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If you change the material the enclosure of the dry type distribution Transformer from mild steel to stainless steel, does that give you a N4X rating?

Published date: 08 June 2020

How are Transformer enclosures rated?

Product Line:
LV Transformers

Applies to Low Voltage Transformers by SquareD/Schneider Electric

There are various NEMA ratings for different styles of Transformer enclosures

Changing the material the enclosure is manufactured out of does not change the functional design of the enclosure, and hence does not change it`s NEMA rating.  A NEMA 3R encapsulated Transformer made out of stainless steel still has a NEMA 3R rating.  Likewise, a NEMA 2 ventilated Transformer enclosure made out of stainless steel still has a NEMA 2 rating.  A NEMA 2 ventilated stainless steel enclosure can obtain a NEMA 3R rating with the addition of an optional stainless steel weathershield kit.  The stainless steel weathershield kits are recognized in Square D/Schneider Electric's system by adding the ``SS`` suffix to the normal weathershield part number.

SquareD/Schneider Electric does offer NEMA 4X rated transformers as follows:
3ph through 30kVA
1ph through 25kVA 
Contact Product Marketing/Support through the Field Office for support.

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