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What does the X , Z & U mean in the part numbers for Altivar 58 drives?

Published date: 24 June 2020

Meaning of the X , Z & U in the Altivar 58 drives part numbers
Product Line:
Altivar 58
 X, Z and U


The X indicates that NO EMC filter is included. (With some of the drives this letter can be left out to include the EMC filter. The drives that include the EMC filters may or may not be stocked in the USA. Check availability.)
The Z is that no keypad is included. (This letter can not be dropped from the part number for the Altivar 58 drives. The VW3A58101U keypad must be ordered separately.)
The U is for products sold in the USA. The products include appropriate literature, labels and packaging.
The letters Z and U do not necessarily appear on the actual labels for the drives. This is OK and does not indicate that the product is the incorrect part number.


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