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What input is designed for a bipolar -10v to +10v input on the ATV32 drives?

Published date: 29 June 2020

Analog Input designed for a bipolar -10v to +10v input on the ATV32 drives

Product Line:
Altivar ATV32


AI2 is default for -10v to +10v input.

IO menu AI2 set up

 Bipolar analog input 0 ± 10 V (maximum voltage ± 30 V)

The + or - polarity of the voltage on AI2 affects the direction of the set point and therefore the direction of operation.

• Impedance 30 kÙ
• Resolution: 10 bits
• Precision ±0.5% in 50/60 Hz for 25 °C, ±0.2% in 50/60 Hz for –10 to +60 °C at Äè = 60°C,
• Linearity ± 0.2% (max. ± 0.5%), of max. value
• Sampling time 2 ms

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