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What is the contact information for support on the TRSS SCADAPack?

Published date: 29 June 2020

How do I get support for the TRSS SCADAPack?

Product Line:

TRSS SCADAPack calls are being routed to Automation tech support and need correct routing.

TRSS SCADAPack product for support
  • Phone: 888-226-6876
  • Fax: 613-591-1022
  • E-mail:
    • bFO Case handling:
      • Assign to bFO team: NAM ADV TRSS
      • Support cases should be escalated via bFO to the L2 Industry support team for your region.
    • bFO Case handling:
      • Assign to bFO team: IND_Expert_PSol_TRSS
      • "NAM ADV TRSS" or "IND_Expert_PSol_TRSS" is used for North America and global locations without a L2 Industry support team
  • Supported products: Acutech, Realflo, Trio Q, Trio Data Radio, Telepace Studio 5.0, TeleSAFE, TelePACE, SmartWIRE, SCADAPack, TeleSAFE Micro16, TeleBUS

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