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Why does COM2 on an ION7330/7350 only allow EtherGate protocol?

Published date: 22 May 2020

A user may find that EtherGate could be the only allowable selection for COM2 on an ION7330/ION7350 meter

Product Line

Metering & Power Monitoring

The presence of an ethernet card on ION7330 and ION7350 meters automatically dedicates COM2 as EtherGate

The ION7330 or ION7350 meter provides COM2. 

If your meter has an Ethernet card:
COM2 functions as an Ethernet gateway (EtherGate). EtherGate transfers data directly between an Ethernet network and any devices that are wired to the meter's COM2 port.

If there is no Ethernet card:
COM2 functions as a serial communications RS-485 port, and supports ION, Modbus RTU, or DNP protocols.

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