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ION Enterprise 5.6 Service Pack 2 Features (Public Release Notes)

Published date: 15 May 2020

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IONE 5.6

ION Enterprise Service Pack Features

Release Notes for ION Enterprise 5.6 Service Pack 2

IMPORTANT: You must have ION Enterprise 5.6 already installed on your machine before attempting to install Service Pack 2 (SP2). This service pack is cumulative, that is, it includes everything included in Service Pack 1.


Service Pack 2 for ION Enterprise 5.6 is a continuation of the work done in Service Pack 1, with the goal of providing support within ION Enterprise for devices traditionally used with SMS systems.

Service Pack 2 completes support for the following devices:

  • § CM3000/4000

Service Pack 2 adds support for the following new devices:

  • § Compact NSX Circuit Breaker

    • § Type A

      § Type E

    § BCPM (single phase configurations only)

    • § Type A

      § Type B

      § Type C

Support implies:

  • § Mapping of all relevant device measurements into ION Enterprise

    § A set of default Vista diagrams for each device type

    § The ability to use default Reporter reports with these new devices, within the limitations of the devices.

Two new default report templates are included to be used for EN50160 reporting on CM4000 series device data:

  • § CM_EN50160_Summary

    § CM_EN50160_General

See Technical Note ' Device Support in PowerLogic ION Enterprise 5.6 Service Pack 2 ' for specific information on what report templates are available per device type.

Important note: ION Enterprise can not be used to configure or to upgrade firmware for any of these devices. See the Technical Note 'Device Support in PowerLogic ION Enterprise 5.6 Service Pack 2' in the ION Enterprise 5.6 Documentation section of the website for information on what utilities are required for the different device types and how to obtain them.

Service Pack 2 also includes new versions of Vista diagrams for the following devices:

  • § PM8xx v1.1.1 (combined harmonics min and max into a single diagram)

    § 7550/7650/9510/9610 v3.3.1 (bad links voltage harmonics phase angle)

    § 7550/7650/9510/9610 v3.3.2 (added configuration links for setpoint low limits)

    § CM3/4 v1.1.1 (completed support for all device features)

    § Micrologic v1.1.1 (change in breaker color scheme)

In addition to providing new device support, Service Pack 2 also officially supports the Windows Vista operating system for use on client machines and on small (less than 25 devices) standalone primary servers. ION Enterprise is also now officially supported on VMWare virtual machines. Refer to the 'System Requirements for PowerLogic ION Enterprise 5.6 SP2' document in the ION Enterprise 5.6 Documentation section of the website for more detail.

Behaviour Changes

System Deployment:

  • § Both BCPM and CM devices can cause the ION Site Server service to use significant amounts of memory, dependent on the the number of these devices in the system and in the case of CM devices, logging configuration. If an ION Enterprise system includes more than 200 BCPMs, or more than 30 CM devices that use extensive logging, a secondary server must be used. Contact your Schneider Electric representative for more information if your system falls into this category.

Database Manager:

  • § Archived databases will show up in the drop down list within the Upgrade Database task. This allows easy upgrades to archived databases.


  • § If the ION_Network database upgrade fails when the service pack is applied, the user is presented with a information dialog. Previously this information was only contained in the setuplog file.


  • § When querying for historical data in WebReach, the Date Range page allows the user to specify a time range in addition to a date range.



  • § Resolved EOF/BOF system log events generated by Connection Manager when connecting/disconnecting sites from client machines.

    § Corrected a problem where single bit modbus reads (input registers and coils) would result in a 100% error rate.

Device Translators:

  • § Corrected problem where timestamp of a waveform and a manual trigger might not align (CM3000/4000 devices only)


  • § Modified the stored procedure responsible for trimming ION_Data in order to improve performance.

    § Corrected problem where scheduled database tasks run via Windows Task Scheduler would sometimes timeout.

    § Corrected problem with ION_Network upgrades if only the modTCP variant of a custom modbus device was present.

Database Manager:

  • § Corrected a problem where, under some circumstances, generating an ad-hoc archive within the Database Manager Archive utility could result in a stream of 'Invalid Property Value' error dialogs


  • § Setuplog file is now named correctly, and all information is in a single file.

ION Real Time Data Service

  • § Reduced program fragmentation to achieve significant performance improvements


  • § Adjusted Power Quality data associated with new devices to maintain compatibility with ION EEM

    § Corrected the problem where some ION Enterprise services would not start after Service Pack 1 was applied

    § Corrected the problem where some valid product keys would be rejected by License Manager


  • § Corrected all known issues with Excel 2007

    • § The Load Profile report charts could display a floating legend that should not be there.

      § The 4-30 reports would not generate properly. No trend data was visible and the graph legends were incorrect.

      § The EN50160 Mains Signaling report generated a continuous stream of dialogs that the user had to clear for the report to proceed. This made it impossible for a user to schedule this report.

    § Corrected problem where the PQ report would not include transient data


  • § Fix for memory leak when connected to translated devices.


  • § Increased the size of the Edit Link dialog to accommodate longer device labels

    § Fix for the problem where the query server would sometimes not get set when generating a network diagram

Vista Diagrams:

  • § Corrections to links in the Voltage Harmonics diagrams for the 7550/7650/9510/9610


  • § Fix for the problem where a space in front of the units designation in a Vista diagram would prevent real time data display

    § Corrected querying problems on non-English operating systems

    § Correct problem where gauges would not work if the virtual root name was not ION

    § Default registry value for ExpireTimeLimit was changed from 20 to 600 seconds.

    § Correct the problem that prevented the WebReach.XMLSubscription service from running in console mode (sometimes necessary for trouble-shooting purposes)

    § Correct the problem where use of unusual symbols (such as the degree symbol) would prevent a WebReach page from displaying real time data


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