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Why a PM800 may need the Ferrite Installation Kit

Published date: 19 May 2020

The PM800 requires a ferrite kit 

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FCC requirement

The higher frequencies in the control power wire can produce radio waves which put the PM8 is a class of devices called "unintentional radiators". Though unintentional, since it is a radiator, the device must meet certain FCC requirements so it does not interfere with other radiating devices. 

The PM8 ferrite kit has been supplied to make the device compliant with FCC part 15 class A EN 55011.

Unintentional radiators fall under two categories: Class A [intended for use in business/industrial/commercial environments] and Class B [intended for use in or adjacent to residential/small office environments]. The PM8 falls under Class A, which is a less stringent requirement than Class B. 

Not all PM8's need the kit. Newer hardware versions in the PM8 have eliminated the need for a ferrite core. Refer to the Ferrite Kit Installation Guide to determine which PM's need the ferrite core. 

The ferrite core should be installed on all models that require it to meet FCC requirements.


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