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ION8300 Firmware Features (Public Release Notes) for V261, V244, V240 and V232

Published date: 20 May 2020

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ION8300 Firmware Features

Since V231 ION 8000 series firmware has contained advanced security. Pegasys users must NOT enable this feature as you will no longer be able to communicate to the meter. The Advanced Security feature is designed to work with ION Enterprise and ION Setup.


New Features in the V261 firmware:

Firmware version 261 for the ION 8000 series supports the following new features:

Adds several DNP protocol enhancements, including:

    • DNP supported over Ethernet.
    • Multi-port DNP support for up to three simultaneous connections in any combination of serial and Ethernet.
Adds IRIG-B* functionality (order option):
    • All IRIG-B equipped meters are configured in the factory to synchronize via GPS using unmodulated IRIG-B time code data.
*This option requires a receiver capable of unmodulated IRIG-B time code output (not included).

New Features in the V244 firmware:

Firmware version 244 (V244) for the ION 8500 meter supports the following new features:

    • Adds factory terminal support to choose between Temperature Compensation Algorithm and Crystal Option for the clock.
    • Fixes behaviour... Meter stays in test mode through power cycle with advanced securities enabled.

New Features in the V240 firmware:

Networking and Internet Connectivity
    • More robust and stable TCP/IP stack is introduced.
    • New configurable Web Pages are introduced.
    • Log Mail module has been replaced by the Log Export module, which sends log data in an XML format that is compatible with the MeterMail Archive.
Rapid Meter Programming

Rapid Meter Programming dramatically reduces the time required to complete a framework upgrade operation in ION 8000 series. It allows customers to load a complete custom framework into an ION device in approximately 5 minutes over a 9600-baud serial connection. For this feature to operate there must be a compatible version of ION Setup.

Instrument Transformer Correction Module

The Instrument Transformer Correction module is a core module that allows customers to correct for inaccuracies in the current transformers (CTs) and potential transformers (PTs). There is an Instrument Transformer Correction module for each current and voltage input into the meter.

The primary application for instrument transformer correction is to apply correction factors for ratio errors and phase angle errors to instrument transformers. Instrument transformer correction reduces or eliminates the need to replace transformers in installations where high-accuracy is required.

Integrator Module

Version V240 allows Integrator modules to count by steps (every 15 minutes) to allow more accurate validation in MV90.


Resetting battery counters through ION Setup, or ION Designer is provided.

Harmonic Measurements

Enhancements made to the Harmonics Measurement Module (HME):

    • An evaluate input to be pulsed at 15s or 10 minute intervals to perform RMS averaging according to IEC (6)1000-4-7.
    • A setup register for selecting whether the values are provided in engineering units or percentage of the fundamental.
    • A setup register for specifying, if the Evaluate input is linked, whether the output values represent the maximum of the 'TVS values' or the average of the 'TVS values'.
Sag/Swell Event Monitoring

If sag/swell event is accompanied with an power outage event, the sag/swell module now reports the sag/swell info as well as the actual outage duration.

The V240 release also fixes, or improves the following:

    • The output register named as "Battery Minutes" in ION Diagnostic Module is renamed as "Battery Remaining".
    • Alert Module Trigger pulses occurred first 30 seconds during start up will not be ignored.
    • Alert Module - Alert will accept control commands <CR><LF>.
    • Demand Update - Predicted Demand calculated correctly now in "Every Second" mode.
    • Demand Update - Output timestamps is now updated in "Every Second" mode.
    • DNP number of output handles returned is now correct.
    • 10 New Counter Modules added.
    • Configurable receive timeout is added to Ethernet COMs.
    • 5 New External Boolean Modules.
    • Initialization of Digital Inputs is corrected. Prior to V240, if the digital inputs are ON during startup, the meter reports incorrect transitions on digital inputs.

New Features in V232 firmware:
    • Support for time and date formats in the display modules, enabling displays with nothing but date and/or time and/or time remaining in the current demand interval.
    • Improved disk simulator
    • A new Ethernet port option on ION 8300 meters.
    • Enhanced Test Functions when using Transformer Loss Compensation. Easier meter testing is now possible because the addition of a single-phase TLC (transformer loss compensation) algorithm meaning users can run the meter in Test Mode using a single phase test set rather than having to use a three phase test set.
    • Improved Logging on Power Outages. Customers can now choose an option that determines how the meter handles logged information after a power outage condition.
    • Variable update rate for demand values - the Sliding Window/Rolling Block module has a new setup register "Update Rate" that defines the update rate of the SWin Demand output register. Updates can be made at the end of each sub-interval or every second. Updates every second are required for Demand Forgiveness functionality. For more information, refer to the Sliding Window module description in the online ION Programmers Reference.

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