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Why are the Waveform Captures from a PM800 meter displaying incorrectly?

Published date: 20 May 2020

Waveform captures from a PM800 meter do not display correctly.

Series 800 Power Meter PM850

PM800 series

Prior to firmware revision V11.9, there was an issue with how the meter stored waveform captures when monitoring 3-wire systems.

Upgrading the firmware to the latest revision will resolve the issue.

Access to firmware upgrade instructions, including a how-to video and a link to the latest firmware
can be found at:  Firmware Upgrade - Instructions and Downloads

If only the firmware is required, it can be downloaded directly from:

Or alternatively,
1) Using a internet browser navigate to /> 2) select Support, then Download Center from the Green menu bar
3) type "PM800 Series V12.500 Firmware" into the search bar and click on the Search button
4) click on the "PM800 Series V12.500 Firmware" link presented in the search results
5) click on the Download button to start the download and save the file

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