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Wiser Energy Graph is blank

Published date: 10 June 2020

On, Energy Tab, the graph does not show any data.  

Product Line:
Wiser Home Management System


Possible causes are:  
1.  Power Monitor does not have source power.
2.  Not enough time has elapsed between account creation and viewing the data. 
3.  Home with solar power energy generation may be in a net negative energy state.  
4.  Power Monitor is not wired correctly.  CTs are installed backwards. 

1.  Check that the breaker supplying source power to the Power Monitor is on.  Check the status lights of the Power Monitor to ensure that they are on and working correctly.  See Power Monitor Instruction Bulletin.
2.  The Power Monitor data updates every 15 minutes.  When it is first joined to a Wiser system, no data will show for 15 minutes.   One can test the Power Monitor on  On the Energy Tab, click on Power Use Now on the left side, and then click on Get A Reading.
3.  The energy graphs on do not show negative energy consumption.  It would be very unusual for a home to have less than zero net energy consumption, however in the right conditions, it could happen.   Look at the data for night time periods when there is no solar generation to make sure that the consumption is positive at those times.  Schneider Electric  recommends installing a second Power Meter on the solar system.  Thus will be able to display total consumption, generation, as well as net energy.   
4.  Incorrect installation of the current transformers (CTs) can cause negative consumption values.   Call Schneider Electric Technical Support.  Technical Support has software tools to correct for incorrect CT installation for cases where both CTs are installed backwards.   If one CT is installed correct and the other is backwards, then the CTs will need to be corrected by a certified electrician.

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