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Incorrect KWh and KW reading in ION 6200

Published date: 08 June 2020

The user does not observe incorrect values for kW and kWh. kWh is not totalizing.

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The customer has probably wired their PTs or CTs incorrectly.  Obtain the per-phase kilowatts and power factor from the customer. If the customer does not have the Enhanced Package 2 option key for the 6200, these values can be obtained from the Information Mode of the meter.    

To obtain the kW and PF readings from the Information Mode, press and hold all three buttons on the front of the meter for at least 2 seconds.    Once you get into Information Mode, scroll down until to you see per-phase watts and PF (See Note #1). 
Once you have the per-phase watts and PF, use the Phasor Tool (See Note #2) to determine how to re-wire the meter.

Note #1: This feature is only available on ION 6200 firmware v207 or later.

Note #2: You can download the phasor tool at FA212598

Once the correct wiring configuration is found using the phasor tool, the custom would need to fix the Current Transformer wiring determined earlier. The same problem can be caused by a dysfunctional meter or a meter that needs calibration. However, in most cases, transformer polarity is the cause of this behavior.



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