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How to Enable the Arithmetic Module to Ignore N/A Inputs

Published date: 19 May 2020

Arithmetic module is outputting N/A for value and causing other calculations to also display N/A.

Product Line
ION Enterprise 6.x
Struxureware Power Monitoring 7.x (SPM)
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x (PME)
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x (PME)

Arithmetic module setup and calculations

When the Arithmetic module has at least one N/A input, its output equals N/A. In other words, when the Arithmetic module has available inputs and N/A inputs, the downstream linked ION modules cannot simply ignore the N/A inputs while only utilizing the available inputs.

To convert the N/A to zero, you may use the Convert module. This can be done by linking the N/A signal through a Convert module and configuring the 'N/A convert' register to convert to 0. Then feed the output of the Convert module to the Arithmetic module.

If you cannot predict which signal will be N/A, run each of them through a Convert module and set the 'N/A convert' register to convert to 0 before linking to the Arithmetic module.

In PME 8 and newer versions of software, VIP Arithmetic modules provide an 'N/A conversion' option to configure as part of the setup registers. By right-clicking the Arithmetic module, you can access the module setup and edit parameters as seen in the image below.

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