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Registering a new SQL 2000 server using Enterprise Manager

Published date: 09 June 2020

Goals and Symptoms


  • This article is a step-by-step description of how to register a new SQL server using Enterprise Manager.

Facts and Changes

SQL, server, registration, Enterprise Manager

Causes and Fixes

1) Open Enterprise Manager

2) Expand Microsoft SQL Server > SQL Server Group

3) Right-click on SQL Server Group. Choose New SQL Server Registration…

4) The Register SQL Server Wizard shows up. Click Next.

5) Under Available Servers, scroll down the list for the new server to connect to.

6) Write the new server name and append "\ION" or "\SMS3000" to the server name. For example, if the server name is JANE12345, write JANE12345\ION under Available servers. This will create an ION or SMS instance of SQL 2000 on this new server

7) Click Add. The new SQL Server name should appear under Added Servers.

Click Next.

8) In Select an Authentication Mode, choose the SQL Server Authentication option (second option).

9) In Select Connection Option, choose to log in automatically using the SQL Server account information (first option). The default login name is sa and the default password is "ION!Everywhere" for ION and "DBMaster".

10) Add the SQL server to an existing SQL Server group.

11) Click Finish to complete the registration.


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