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Which firmware version supports functionality of the PM8 Ethernet Communication Card (PM8ECC) with the Series 800 Power Meter (PM8)?

Published date: 14 May 2020

PM800 Series Power Meter, PM8ECC
The PM800 series meters had been out several years before the PM8ECC became available, so the firmware may not be the latest.  As a result, PM8ECC will not function correctly.
The Series 800 Power Meter (PM8) MUST have 10.6 firmware or later in order to support the functionality of the PM8 Ethernet Communication Card (PM8ECC).

To verify the firmware version from the front panel of the meter, follow the steps below.

  1. Press MAINT > DIAG > METER.
  2. Verify that the number before OS, RESET, and DL is 10.600 or higher.
  3. If the meter firmware is not up-to-date, then meter firmware must be updated.  One or all three firmwares may need upgrading (OS,RS, or DL).

NOTE: In order to upgrade the firmware, you will need the Download Firmware Upgrade Utility (DLF3000), which is provided on the PM8ECC Technical Library CD-ROM or can be downloaded from  Firmware Upgrade - Instructions and Downloads.  If you need assistance using DLF3000, refer to the Help file.

Access to firmware upgrade instructions, including a how-to video and a link to the latest firmware can be found at:  Firmware Upgrade - Instructions and Downloads

Additionally, supporting documents and file downloads on this and a wide variety of other products and topics may be obtained using the search function found at the Download Center.  

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