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What is the refresh rate of a dashboard gadget timestamp in Power Monitoring Expert (PME)?

Published date: 09 June 2020


Each time a gadget is displayed, either during a slide show or when a user selects the dashboard that contains the gadget, the data on the gadget will be displayed from the cache until the data has ‘expired’.

Product Line

Power Monitoring Expert (all versions including SPM)


PME Web Applications > Dashboards


Data expiration occurs when the current date/time is > ‘Last Updated’ date/time + refresh interval.

Refresh interval is based on whatever ‘Viewing Period’ has been chosen for the gadget.


The following table illustrates the Viewing Period refresh rates:

Viewing Period Refresh Rate
Hourly Every 15 minutes
Daily Every hour
Weekly Every 6 hours
Monthly Every 6 hours
Yearly Every 24 hours

1. The information in the above table is stored in Time.Aggregation table in ApplicationModules database
2. For complete explanation, refer to the attached presentation.

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