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Which AC coupling configurations are supported with the XW series inverter charger?

Published date: 16 June 2020

 Which AC coupling configurations are supported with the XW series inverters and the limitations
1. Fully supported: Grid-connected XW with NO generator, 1-ph GT or Conext TX grid tied inverters. Grid reliability >90% 
2. Limited support: Grid-connected XW with NO generator , other UL1741 compliant grid-tied inverter. Grid reliability >90%
3. Unsupported: Any off-grid configuration

1. Battery charging via the AC output connection is not well regulated, therefore compromising the life of the batteries.
2. Total watts of grid-tie inverter(s) cannot exceed wattage of single XW, even when used in multi-unit XW system.
3. Generators can be installed only if there is an "OR" interlock switch system which will disconnect the Grid-tied appliance before connecting the generator to AC2. This is to prevent reverse current feed from the grid-tied inverter to the generator.


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