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What is the pin-out of the RJ45 socket of an ATV31 / 312 for connection of Modbus, CanOpen and PowerSuite cables

Published date: 10 July 2018

     The RJ45 socket of the ATV31/312 can be used for connection to the following networks and accessories:

     a PLC via a Modbus bus or via a CANopen network
     a PC/laptop loaded with PowerSuite software
     The VW3A31101 remote display terminal

     The Pin out of the RJ45 socket of the ATV31 is as follows:

     Pin no.                            ATV31 RJ45                         Comments          

        1                                       CAN high                           CAN-H - Signal for CANopen communication 
        2                                       CAN low                             CAN-L - Signal for CANopen communication 
        3                                       CAN GND                          CAN-GND - Signal for CANopen communication 
        4                                           D_B                               Signal for MODBUS communication 
        5                                           D_A                                Signal for MODBUS communication 
        6                                            NC                                 Not used 
        7                                          10 Volts                           0-10 V voltage supplied by the ATV31/312 which can be used to supply the 

        8                                           0 Volts                            converter when connected using PowerSuite software


    Important clarification

   For Modbus communication, the signals used for the ATV31 /312 are D-B and D-A only -  the other connections are not used.

   For CANopen communication, the signals used for the ATV31 / 312 are CAN-H, CAN-L and CAN-GND -  the other connections are not used.

   With the VW3A31101/ VW3A1006/7remote display terminal, the signals used are D-B and D-A as well as the power supply.

  Caution: Lengths of cables need to be observed as too greater voltage drop in network connections may cause a malfunction.

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