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Why will the PLC read a fault and the drive state shows RDY?

Published date: 20 June 2020

How to read the current fault status of the VFD.

Product line:  
Altivar 61/71/32/312

All range, All serial number   

What is the difference between LFT and ERRD on the ATV61 and ATV71?
The difference between Last Fault (LFT), address 7121 and Drive Fault (Errd), address 8606, is LFT is the last Fault and Errd is the current fault. The last fault is stored in registers on the VFD, therefore when reading address 7121, you will be reading from a register with a stored value. If the current fault status is desired then you should read address 8606, the VFD current fault status. 
0 [No fault] (nOF)
2 [Control Eeprom] (EEF1)
3 [Incorrect config.] (CFF)
4 [Invalid config.] (CFI)
5 [Modbus com.] (SLF1)
6 [int.] (ILF)
7 [Com. network] (CnF)
8 [External flt-LI/Bit] (EPF1)
9 [Overcurrent] (OCF)
10 [Precharge] (CrF)
11 [Speed fdback loss] (SPF)
12 [Load slipping] (AnF)
16 [Drive overheat] (OHF)
17 [Motor overload] (OLF)
18 [Overbraking] (ObF)
19 [Mains overvoltage] (OSF)
20 [1 output phase loss] (OPF1)
21 [Input phase loss] (PHF)
22 [Undervoltage] (USF)
23 [Motor short circuit] (SCF1)
24 [Overspeed] (SOF)
25 [Auto-tuning] (tnF)
26 [Rating error] (InF1)
27 [PWR Calib.] (InF2)
28 [Int.serial link] (InF3)
29 [Int.Mfg area] (InF4)
30 [Power Eeprom] (EEF2)
32 [Ground short circuit] (SCF3)
33 [3out ph loss] (OPF2)
34 [CAN com.] (COF)
35 [Brake control] (bLF)
38 [External fault com.] (EPF2)
41 [Brake feedback] (brF)
42 [PC com.] (SLF2)
44 [Torque/current lim] (SSF)
45 [HMI com.] (SLF3)
49 [LI6=PTC probe] (PtFL)
50 [PTC fault] (OtFL)
51 [Internal- I measure] (InF9)
52 [Internal-mains circuit] (InFA)
53 [Internal- th. sensor] (InFb)
54 [IGBT overheat] (tJF)
55 [IGBT short circuit] (SCF4)
56 [Motor short circuit] (SCF5)
58 [Out. contact. stuck] (FCF1)
59 [Out. contact. open.] (FCF2)
64 [input contactor] (LCF)
67 [IGBT desaturation] (HdF)
68 [Internal-option] (InF6)
69 [internal- CPU] (InFE)
71 [AI3 4-20mA loss] (LFF3)
73 [Cards pairing] (HCF)
76 [Load fault] (dLF)
77 [Bad conf] (CFI2)
99 [Ch.sw. fault] (CSF)
100 [Pr.Underload.Flt] (ULF)
101 [Proc.Overload Flt] (OLC)
105 [Angle error] (ASF)
107 [Safety fault] (SAFF)
108 [FB fault] (FbE)
109 [FB stop flt.] (FbES)

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