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C Series optimal panel configuration

Published date: 17 June 2020

Output power not the expected power from the input array configuration

Product Line:
C Series charge controllers

Installations that use a C Series controller where the panels, instead of being connected in parallel to compensate for the power by adding more current, are installed in series which will give more solar time production but will be limited by the battery voltage

Non-optimal panel configuration

Set up panels in parallel where each panel's Vmp is slightly above the battery bank voltage and then each panel is set up in parallel.
By adding each panel in parallel, you would increase the current which will utilize more of your input power from the arrays.

For example:
3 250W panels each rated at (Vmp=30.3, Imp=8.26) going to a 24-volt battery bank.

In Parallel: (Current is 3*8.26=24.78), 24.78*24=594 watts
In Series: (Current is 8.26), 8.26*24=198 watts

The C-series is not an MPPT controller.  The panels will load down the solar array voltage to the battery bank voltage.  It does not convert and preserve power like a MPPT charge controller would.

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