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What is Boost Charging on my Conext inverters and chargers?

Published date: 18 June 2020

Customers want to give their batteries(flooded) an extra boost charge in the beginning of the charge cycle

Product Line:

Flooded batteries(XW, MPPT)

​To enable Boost Charge, you would need to set type to Custom and change the Bulk voltage to a higher value than the Absorption voltage.  The unit will transition from Bulk to Absorb at the Absorption voltage instead of the Bulk voltage.  During the first hour of Absorption, the unit will allow the battery voltage to continue to charge up to the Bulk voltage.  When the hour is completed, the charging voltage will drop down to the Absorption voltage.  See the figure below to see how the charge cycle changes with the Boost Charging feature.

Boost charge enables the inverter to give an energy charge to the battery bank.  In some cases, this is desireable as a pseudo-equalization.  It encourages gasses of Flooded batteries.

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