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Where to download PME 7.2 Service Pack 2

Published date: 18 June 2020

A user is running Power Monitoring Expert 7.2 or 7.2.1 and needs to install service pack 2

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x

Service Pack Installation

PME 7.2 service pack 2 contains new features and should be applied to a PME 7.2 system

Please Read First
  • PME 7.2.2 is also known as PME 7.2 Service Pack 2
  • PME 7.2.2 replaces PME 7.2.1 DVD.  New PME 7.2 orders will receive PME 7.2.2 DVD
  • PME 7.2 and PME 7.2.1 systems can be upgraded by installing the service pack (Click link to download
    • Pre PME 7.2 systems, such as IONE 6.0.1 and SPM 7.0.1, may be upgraded directly to PME 7.2.2.  Please contact your local sales representative to obtain a PME 7.2.2 License.

PME 7.2.2 Main Goals & Features:
  • SQL Server 2012 support
  • Windows Server 2012 support
  • Real-time polling improvements
  • Support for Virtual Meters in hierarchies (netmetering and apportionment) in Dashboards/Billing Module/Reporting. (Toggle off by default)
  • Alarm Viewer enhancements:
    • Custom views can be saved
    • Alarm annunciator sound can be configured on/off
    • Configurable alarm threshold definitions
  • Device support now included in default installation:
    • Sepam 60
    • Compact NSX control support
    • Trendpoint Enersure
    • PM51xx/53xx
    • PM55xx
    • Powerbus (PM5350 R2)
    • SER2408
    • PM5350 Busway
    • PM32xx

How to install PME 7.2.2 on an existing PME v7.2 or PME v7.2.1 system?
  1. Make sure you have PME 7.2 or PME v7.2.1 installed and you have administrative access on the servers.
  2. For Standalone systems download PME_7.2.2.exe to your Standalone server from the link below
  3. Run the PME_7.2.2.exe locally on your server and follow on-screen instructions
    • Running the update may require stopping and restarting services to update the system
    • Running the update may recommend a reboot after installation if some files were locked and couldn't be replaced
  4. For Distributed systems:
    1. Repeat step 1 to 3 on your Database Server
    2. Repeat step 1 to 3 on your Primary server
    3. Repeat step 1 to 3 on your Secondary server
    4. Repeat step 1 to 3 on your Engineering Clients
Note: If you already have PME 7.2.2, and are looking for the Cumulative Update see FA240221.

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