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How to generate the register map for custom devices in System Manager Software (SMS)

Published date: 23 June 2020

A user may have multiple custom devices configured in an SMS system and would like to generate the register mapping for these devices.

Product Line
System Manager Software 4.x

SQL Server Management Studio

There is no system report that provides the register maps for system device types.

*Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.*
  • Open SQL Server Management Studio Express and run a query that will provide the register map for selected devices
  • Open the SMS_System -> CS_Device_Types table and make note of the Device_Type_ID for the device type that you would like to generate the register map for
  • Run the following query and replace the Device_Type_ID with the desired value, also see the screenshot attached

--Modify device_type_id with the appropriate value from the CS_Device_Types table

Select CS_Topics.Topic_name, CS_TOPIC_INFO_For_MB_COMP.register_1, CS_TOPIC_INFO_For_MB_COMP.register_2, CS_TOPIC_INFO_For_MB_COMP.register_3, CS_TOPIC_INFO_For_MB_COMP.register_4
Inner join
CS_Topics ON CS_TOPIC_INFO_For_MB_COMP.topic_ID =  CS_Topics.topic_ID
where CS_TOPIC_INFO_For_MB_COMP.topic_ID in (select cs_device_type_topic.topic_ID from cs_device_type_topic where device_type_id = 7)
order by CS_TOPIC_INFO_For_MB_COMP.topic_ID asc


  • You can now copy and paste the results of this query into Excel. 

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