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How to use IONTest to write to an output register of an ION module

Published date: 26 June 2020

It may be required to write to an output register of an ION module.

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ION Enterprise 
StruxureWare Power Monitoring
Power Monitoring Expert

Windows Command Prompt

IONTest is a utility that can be used for trouble shooting an IONE/SPM/PME system.

IONTest is a command line utility that can be opened from ...\system\bin folder.

In order to write values to the appropriate register / module, the handle of the register / module is needed.
This can be obtained from the ION Handles document.

NOTE: The ION Handles document is no longer being updated to list handles of newer firmware modules.
To find the exact handle needed, use ION Setup to display the handle number before starting ION Test.

1. Open IONTest

2.  Select a node and verify communication
The command node=<group>.<device-name> specifies what node the commands will be sent to.  In this example node=ion.a8600 where:
  group = ion
  device-name = a8600

3.  Enable Security
Use the command .password "x" where x is the node password:

4.  Put the module in offline state
The method Module_write_state(BooleanType) with method number 1031 is to toggle the state of the module.  Possible arguments are 1 (online) and 0 (offline).
In order to put the communication module with handle 0x0C00 to offline state, the command would look like 0x0C00 1031 0.

5.  Write to register
The method Register_write_value(StringType) with method number 22 is to write to a register.
In order to write to baud rate setup register with handle 0x7987, the command takes the form 0x7987 22 “19200” as shown below:

6.  Bring the module back online
Use method number 1031 with a parameter of 1 (online):

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