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Is it possible to add 255 as the "Remote ID" for PM5340 as a Remote Device Connection in EGX300

Published date: 25 September 2019

  • For  EGX300 firmware 4.37 and lower, it is not possible to monitor PM5340 over Modbus TCP/IP using "Remote Device Connections" function.
  • PM5340 is a meter with Ethernet communications only. It's device ID is set to 255.
  • If 255 is added as the "Remote ID" under "Device List", the "Remote ID" will be blank after clicking "Apply"

Product Line

EGX300 web page- Remote Device Connections

The EGX300 firmware 4.370 and lower does not support remote ID of 255.

Remote Device Connection monitoring of PM5340 (Remote ID:255) using an EGX300 is not supported by EGX300 firmware (v4.37). Firmware versions 4.38 and above support "Remote ID" of 255. 

For the latest version of firmware for the EGX300, please see FA242399.

For Instructions on how to upgrade the firmware for the EGX300, please see FA212757.

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