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What does the CRC1 do on ATV32? What information is it giving us?

Published date: 15 June 2020

What does the CRC1 do? What information is it giving us?

Product Line:

All models. Safety function.


The CRC1 parameter, is a CRC calculation of the ATV32 safety parameter set.
This CRC1 is calculated by the drive to identify a safety configuration.

Since ATV32 V1.8, it's possible to duplicate only the safety configuration from one ATV32 to another one.
To do this we implement a verification mechanism with this CRC1. This CRC1 value will be used when user want to duplicate safety configuration to another drive.

If the safety is not configured, the drive still generates an internal safety parameter set, The value will be always different from 0 as soon as you will make a connection on a product.

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