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What can cause a SCF or short circuit fault on the ATV58/Flex58 drives?

Published date: 24 September 2019

Getting a SCF or short circuit fault on the ATV58/Flex58 drives.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV58 Flex58 EconoFlex 58M


Drive is power up with a SCF or short circuit fault.

SCF means Short Circuit Fault.

Troubleshooting Tips.
Make sure the heat sink cooling fans are running when the drive is powered up.  If they are not running, then this can cause an SCF or Short Circuit Fault.

Check to see when you are getting the SCF fault.  When you 1st power on or are you getting it when you try to run the drive?

Try disconnecting the motor leads from the Drive on T1 T2 T3.  Power up the drive, check to see if the SCF fault has gone away.  If the fault is still there, and the motor leads are disconnected, then you have an internal short on the drive. 

If the drive powers up RDY and with the motor leads still disconnected along with OPL or Output phase loss in the FLT fault menu turned OFF, then try running the drive at 20,40 and 60hz and using a digital true RMS meter to check the output voltages coming out of the drive to see if they are balanced. If the voltages are balanced then you may have a inoperative motor. At this point, you will need to get a 1KV megger and with the motor leads disconnected megger out the motor leads to see if you have a short phase to ground.

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