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Why is there a maximum of 5 - 70A and above branch breakers for NQ panels?

Published date: 30 May 2018

Why are there breaker restrictions of a maximum of 5,  70A and above branch breakers for NQ panels?

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NQ panelboards

restrictions, product features, and application

NQ panelboards are manufactured with neutral assemblies that only have 4 ports (5 with one of the larger incoming line lugs used as a branch )
that will accept wire ranges for 70 - 250A breakers. Additional neutral assemblies are not available to be able to support more than 5 branch breakers
above 70A. This includes back feeding a branch used as the main.  Sub feed branches up to 250A are also included as part of the 5 branches.

For applications that require more than 5 - 70A and above breakers, use the NF panel (this accepts up to 8 -  70A and above) or use the I-line panel.
Subfeed branches up to 250A on NF panels are also included as part of the 8 branches

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