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What is the possible cause of receiving an input phase loss fault?

Published date: 23 September 2019

Cause of receiving an input phase loss fault. 

Product Line:
 Input Phase Loss


The ATV312 has no hardware detection circuit on the main input phase to detect phase failure. This detection is done via a measure of the ripple on DC bus.

PHF Input phase loss trips if the DC bus voltage ripple is more than :
- 25 to 33 volts for the 3-phase 200V range (depending on the power rating)
- 35 to 65 volts for the 400 V and 600 V ranges (depending on the power  rating)

The DC ripple is also a function of the motor power and therefore the time until a trip depends on the voltage sag amplitude or loss of a line completely, nominal line voltage, voltage rating of the drive and power rating of the drive (Cap values) whether or not a choke is installed and the integration of the motor power over the time in question making it near impossible to give you a time till trip.

It’s possible to disable the detection by setting “Input phase loss” (IPL) = No.


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