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Batch Script to Remove Comma from XML saved Report for VIP XML import Module

Published date: 12 August 2019

User wants to use saved XML file from a report to use in the VIP however the format of the XML includes numbers with at least one comma that prevents the XML importer from reading the data.

PME 7.2.x, 8.x, 9.x


In PME, web report XML saved subscriptions started to include the comma to separate numbers for readability (eg 1,234.56). The XML import module views the result as a string rather than a number.


Option 1
Create a batch file that executes the following script to save the XML to a new file without the comma. Replace the test.txt (original XML file) and testnew.txt (new XML file) to match the names used in your system.

::-------begin code---------
@echo off
for /f "delims=" %%a in (test.txt) do call :process "%%a"
goto :eof

set strData=%1
set strData=%strData:,=%
for /f "delims=" %%x in (%strData%) do echo %%x >> testnew.txt
::-------end code-----------

Option 2
Use a Find and Replace tool such as FNR.exe (attached to this KB) to replace the commas.
Command such as:
FNR.exe --cl --dir "Full Path Of XML File" --fileMask "Name of XML file" --excludeFileMask "*.dll, *.exe" --useRegEx --find "," --replace ""
Where "Full path of XML" is location where XML file is saved such as "C:\saved XML\My folder" and
"Name of XML file" is the name of the XML file to process such as "My XMLfile.xml"

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