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What is the default IP address on the M241 controllers?

Published date: 15 June 2020

The IP address by default is 10.10.x.x.
The last 2 fields in the default IP address are composed of the decimal equivalent of the last 2 hexadecimal bytes of the MAC address of the port.
The MAC address of the port can be retrieved on the label placed on the front side of the controller.
The default subnet mask is Default Class A Subnet Mask of

NOTE: A MAC address is always written in hexadecimal format and an IP address in decimal format. Convert the MAC address to decimal format.
Example: If the MAC address is 00.80.F4.01.80.F2, the default IP address is

NOTE: To take into account the new IP address after the download of a project, reboot the controller by doing a power cycle.

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