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What is the Terminal Lug Data for the EZM1600GCBE/JCBE and the EZM1800GCBE/JCBE Main Devices?

Published date: 10 June 2020

Standard Terminal Lug Data

Product Line:
EZM Metering

EZM Main Breaker lugs


The EZM1600GCBE, EZM1600JCBE, EZM1800GCBE, and EZM1800JCBE are all designed to meet the West Coast 'EUSERC' Utilities requirements and do not come standard with lugs from the factory, but contain Lug Landing Pads to meet the EUSERC requirements. Each Lug Landing pad on ALL of these catalog numbers will ONLY accommodate (2) lugs per pad (or 2 lugs per phase/neutral). This means these EZM main devices will ONLY accommodate (2) wires Per Phase/Neutral. See the below attached CAD drawing showing the part numbers of the lugs and the maximum wire size the lugs will accept. 

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