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What is the Terminal Lug Data for the EZM3600GCBT/JCBT and the EZM3800GCBT/JCBT Main Devices?

Published date: 10 June 2020

Standard Terminal Lug Data

Product Line:
EZM Metering

EZM Main Circuit Breakers lugs


The Main breaker used in the EZM3600GCBT, EZM3600JCBT, EZM3800GCBT, and EZM3800JCBT, is the PowerPact M-Frame and the standard lug is AL800M23K and will accept as standard;
(3) 3/0-500kcmil Al/Cu wires per Phase(or per pole of the breaker) and the Main Neutral on these devices will accept as standard (4) 3/0-500kcmil Al/Cu wires (See the below attached CAD drawing).

Alternate lugs for Main breakers used in the above catalog numbers:
1) Lug kit AL1200P24K will accept (4) 3/0-500kcmil Al/Cu wires. (1 lug per kit)
2) Lug kit AL800P6k will accept (2) 3/0 - 600kcmil Al/Cu wires. (3 lugs per kit)
3) Lut kit AL800P7K will accept (2) 3/0 - 750kcmil(BUT the 750kcmil wire MUST be Compact Aluminum wire ONLY.(3 lugs per kit)

Alternate lugs for the Main Neutral used in the above catalog numbers:
1) Lug kit MMLK250 will accept as standard (1) 1/0-600kcmil OR (2) 1/0-250kcmil Al/Cu wires PER lug. Kit includes (3)2-Barrel lugs and neutral will accommodate ONLY 2 lugs.

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