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Why is there only some data logged in my Magelis HMI?

Published date: 30 September 2019

The Magelis HMI has been running for a few minutes but when I check the USB stick, there is no data logged.

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer (all versions)

Vijeo Designer Runtime is designed to optimize storage for data logging by only creating a record when the value of the variable changes. If the value of the variable remains static, a new record will not be created (other than the initial record). Each record made is for a unique value. If you are testing to see if data is flushed to the file from SRAM, you will need to accumulate enough records in SRAM before they are written to file. "No. of Records in RAM" defines how many records you need to accumulate before the data is written file. To have a sample recorded even when there is no data change, consider using Intelligent Data Services (IDS) that is included on the Vijeo Designer V6.2 DVD.

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