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What is the recommended replacement for a TWDLMDA20DRT Twido controller?

Published date: 25 June 2020

Replacement for the Twido LMDA20DRT.

Product line:

Twidosoft, Twidosuite

Twido obsolescence recommended replacement.

The recommended replacement for a TWDLMDA20DRT Twido controller is the TM221M16R controller.

Characteristics Twido Reference vs Characteristics M221 Reference

Total I/O: 20 (Twido) vs 16 (M221)
Input: 12 (Twido) vs 8 (M221)
Relay Output: 6 (Twido) vs 8 (M221)
Trans Output: 2 (Twido) vs 0 (M221)
Analog Input: 0 (Twido) vs 2 (M221)
Power supply: 24VDC (Twido) vs 24VDC (M221)

Software Compatibility:
-SoMachine Basic Software could convert an application of Twido to M221 (except the function like Asi & CanOpen not supported by the M221)

Mechanical Compatibility:
- Same Width 70 mm & same Depth (Height) 90mm
- The M221 Length is higher 70 mm vs 47.5 mm due to communication port.
- M221 can support TM2 Digital & Analog IO module
- All module & accessory TWD*** are not supported by M221 in particular CanOpen, Asi, Serial Interface & display module. Twido + CanOpen Module = M241 CanOpen, Twido + Asi Module = M2xx Eth + Eth/Asi Gateway

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