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How can I increase the starting torque in an ATV32 drive?

Customer needs more torque to start the motor.

Product Line:

All models, all versions

Motor requires high starting torque

First verify the motor nameplate information has been set properly (FULL menu: drC submenu: bFr, nPr, UnS, nCr, FrS, nSP).  Test to see if the motor can start the load.
If this is not sufficient, change the MPC (Motor param choice) in the FULL: drC menu from nPr to COS.  Then set the COS parameter in the same menu to match the motor's Power Factor (NOT Service Factor).  Test to see if the motor can start the load.
If additional torque is required change the Ctt parameter (Motor control type) from Std (Standard) to UUC (SVC V - Sensorless Vector Control). Further improvements may be possible by increasing UFr (IR Compensation) in the FULL: SEt menu.
Be cautious when increasing UFr as too high a value can cause instability and may stall the motor.

Pay attention to the display while testing.  
If it flashes or blinks off and on while attempting to run it indicates the drive is in Current Limitation.  You may need to review and possibly increase the CLI parameter setting FULL:SEt.
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