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Video: How to determine the number of connected/available Runtime client connections in PowerSCADA Expert

Published date: 08 June 2020

How to determine how many client connections are in use, or are available in a PowerSCADA Expert (PSE) system.

Product Line
PowerLogic SCADA 7.x
PowerSCADA Expert 8.x

Runtime Client connection

In some cases, the available client connection limit may be exceeded. Otherwise, the number of simultaneous connections that are allowed might need to be determined.

Note: In order to determine the client connections available, perform the following from the Primary/Secondary (if applicable) server install. The project will need to be running on the server.

1. Open the Runtime Manager by clicking the  icon in the taskbar. Otherwise, open the Runtime Manager from the Start Menu. (Start>All Programs>Schneider Electric>PowerSCADA Expert 8.1>PowerSCADA Expert Runtime Manager)
2. In the Runtime Manager, right-click the Client process and select Kernel. 
3. In the Citect Kernel, select View>General.

General Statistics will appear. Under "Users:", you will notice the following abbreviations:
V/O = View Only client
Ctrl = Control client
The Max, Current, and Peak connections are listed.
Max - maximum allowable client connections
Current - current number of active client connections
Peak - maximum number of active connections since project start

In the screenshot below, you will notice that their is a maximum of 20 allowable client (V/O and Ctrl) connections with 0 clients actively connected.


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