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Can you convert settings from an ATV32 or ATV312 program into an ATV320 using SoMove Software?

Published date: 08 June 2020

Convert settings from an ATV32 or ATV312 program into an ATV320 using SoMove
Product Line:
ATV32, ATV320, ATV312
All models, all serial numbers
Yes, please follow the instruction steps below:
  1. Open Somove and from the Home Screen, click on [Device Conversion] button on the left under tools
  2. Choose your source ATV32 or ATV312 file that you want to convert.
  3. Choose your target location (ATV32 to ATV320) or (ATV312 to ATV320)
  4. Change target DTM to ATV320
  5. Choose Convert
  6. Choose if you want the B suffix or the C suffix version ATV320 drive.
  7. Option window comes up to allow you to save changes to txt file.
  8. Skip saving the changes and continue
  9. Now your new ATV320 file comes up, and you can save this new file to your PC
  10. File menu, choose Save as enter and name your new file to save.


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