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What Product Line Replaces the Altivar 312 and Altivar 32 drives?

Published date: 15 May 2020

Replacement for the Altivar 312/32 drives.

Product Line:
Altivar 312, Altivar 32 and Altivar 320 Machine Drive (ATV312, ATV32, ATV320)

All serial numbers for Altivar 312 and Altivar 320 Machine Drive


The Altivar 312 and 32 drives are both smaller Constant Torque machine drives with mid-functionality features. These drives are currently still available but will be phased out soon. The most current replacement would be the Altivar 320 Product line.  See attachments.

Altivar 312/32 to Altivar 320 Product Line 

ATV320...C (IP20) replaces the ATV312 open style
ATV320...B (IP20) replaces the ATV32 open style

Altivar 312/32 vs Altivar 320 Product Line 
The ATV320 has similar functionalities to the ATV312 and ATV32 but a few minor differences to taken in account when replacing. 

Similarities and Differences

The ATV320...B (Book Shelf) is very similar in build and size to the ATV32 meanwhile the compact drives, ATV320...C, are built similar in size to the ATV312.

List of Other Differences
  • Programming layout is similar to that of the Altivar 32
  • All Altivar 320 drives have the Function Block capability
    • If drive shows "RDY" and will not start-up even if DI1 is on, then there maybe a function block turned on
  • There are no LOCAL CONTROLS on the Altivar 320 drive.
    • No red STOP or green RUN buttons
  • New Safety Functions
  • Altivar 320 support numerous Communication Protocols such as Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, Modbus...
    • ATV320...C (Compact ONLY) requires the Communication Module (VW3A3600) when using a communication option card


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