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Can I access and look at PDF files if I'm using a HMIG5U or HMIG5U2?

Published date: 22 August 2019

How do I access and open a PDF file on a Magelis HMIG5U or HMIG5U2 running Vijeo Designer Runtime?

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Vijeo Designer, Magelis HMIGTU

HMI Configuration Software in Windows

There are two methods:

[Method 1] 
It is possible to read a PDF document on a Magelis HMIG5U or HMIG5U2 by opening the file or URL path in the Vijeo Designer Internet Explorer browser.  

[Method 2]
The HMIG5U and HMIG5U2 has a PDF reader pre-installed on the Desktop called "PDF-XChange Viewer".
It can be called to open a particular pdf file from Vijeo Designer Actions (e.g. a Switch with Action Script).

PDF-XChange Viewer is on the Desktop with path: "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\PDFXCview.exe".

Let's say you wish to open a PDF file called "test.pdf" located in "C:\Test".
To open this PDF file from Windows Command Line (cmd console), you would write:
"C:\Users\Public\Desktop\PDFXCview.exe /A C:\Test\test.pdf"

To perform the same operation of launching the PDF Viewr and loading the file from Vijeo Designer, you would use a Script to mimic the CMD load command above:
Sys.createProcess("C:\\Users\\Public\\Desktop\\PDFXCview.exe","/A C:\\Test\\test.pdf");

1) Double backslashes are used instead of single backslash, this is because backslash is the escape character in the scripting language.
2) It is not possible to open PDF files with spaces in the name, that is because we cannot have double quotes inside double quotes in Java.
3) The HMIG3U is not capable of opening PDF files.

See page 18 of the PDF-XChange Viewer application for more information:

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