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Video: How to install S29451 SDE actuator into Powerpact H- or J-frame

Published date: 10 June 2020

How do you install the SDE actuator (S29451) into a Powerpact H or J Frame circuit breaker?
Product Line:
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Powerpact H and J Frame Circuit Breakers
First, make sure the handle is in the tripped position, and then remove the two screws on either side of the breaker and remove the cover. Make sure the lever arm is pulled away from the tab labeled SDE on the actuator. Slide the SDE tab through the hole in the breaker, and position the groove in the actuator over the notch in the bottom of the breaker. Then, tighten down the screw. Now, the aux switch can be installed in the SDE slot of the breaker and will act as an overcurrent trip switch (changes state when the breaker trips on a fault). For more information, see the video below or the attached instruction bulletin:

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