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Video: Creating an ION Device Profile with a Subset of Original Tags

Published date: 26 September 2019

Creating a device profile for ION protocol that only contains the tags that will be used in a project.

Product Line
PowerSCADA Operation (including older versions)

Profile Editor

In the default ION device profile, there are too many tags, and most of them will not be used.  It would be unnecessary to export all the tags to the project.

  1. In Profile Editor > Create Device Profiles tab, select Add/Edit
  2. Select the 'Create New' option (radio button), assign a name to the new device profile
  3. Under 'Monitoring Device', select ION profile
  4. Select necessary tags
  5. Save
  6. In Set Up Projects tab, export the device profile to a project
  7. Use the new device profile to add new devices, of the same protocol, to the project
Note: Same analogy can be used to create custom device profiles with a subset of tags from other original device profiles for each protocol.

This video demonstrates the process in detail:

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