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How can you setup Pipe Fill on an Altivar 61 without the water solutions or pump control card?

Published date: 29 June 2020

Need to configure ATV61 for Pipe Fill with no option card

Product Line: 
Altivar 61


AC Drive ratings


ATV61/71 Parameter Set Switching (with Pipefill / no Water Sol Card)
LI1 in Hand = Ref 1 Channel  to  AI1
LI1, LI3 in Auto  Ref 2 Switching LI3, Ref 2 Ch AI1
PID Ref AI2 (already done PID and it's working)
LI1 or LI1, LI3 with LI5, L6 for Pipe Fill
for the PipeFill function 
LI5 is assigned to PI Auto/Manual, and 2 Parameter Sets
LI6 is assigned to Preset Speed to with SP2 at 43Hz
Parameter Selection is Acceleration
Parameter Set 1 Acceleration is 2s 
Parameter Set 2 Acceleration is 200s

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