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Video: How to find Com'x IP in case you fail to find it using Wireshark ?

Published date: 24 June 2020

Packets captured via Wireshark do not contain the Com'X IP address

Product Line
Com'X 200, Com'X 510

Wireshark, Com'X gateways

The Com'X does not transmit its IP address using ARP protocol upon power cycle like the EGX 100/300 gateways.

If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, the device should appear as a Network Device.
  • Disconnect your computer from all networks (all wired and/or wireless networks)
  • Connect an Ethernet cable between your PC (configured as  DHCP client) and the Ethernet 2 port on the Com'X
  • Open Windows Explorer and click on Network, the Com'X appears in the list of devices
  • Double-click the Com'X, the login page automatically opens in your browser
  • Type the user name (admin by default) and password (admin by default)
  • Then click OK
  •  The IP can be found under Settings > General Settings > Network Settings 

Note: If accessing the meter for the first time, the factory set IP for both Ethernet ports is

Details steps are shown in the below video


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