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How to access SER-3200 setup file

Published date: 21 May 2020

An alternative way to configuring the device.

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- SD memory

SER-3200 setup data is stored in non-volatile memory on its SD flash memory card in an XML file format. While the normal method for configuring the unit is through its embedded web pages, setup changes can also be made simply by editing the XML setup file using a text editor, such as Windows Notepad. In this way, standard setup templates can be created and replicated quickly across multiple units.

The setup file '_SETUP.XML' can be accessed in one of two ways: 

1)  Direct access of SD memory card’s file system (FAT32) using SD card reader 
To access the SD memory card’s file system directly, first remove control power from the SER-3200, then remove the SD card as shown below. Insert the SD card into a card reader slot of a PC or external card reader and access the file system using Windows Explorer. When replacing the card, ensure the card remains “unlocked” to allow read/write access. 


2)  FTP access over a network 
To access the XML Setup file via ftp (over Ethernet): 

a. Open Windows Explorer, type FTP:// followed by the IP address of the SER-3200 (e.g., FTP://, then hit Enter. 

b. When prompted, enter the SER user name and password (default = admin / admin). 

c. Select the file called “_SETUP.XML' to highlight it. 

d. Right-click the file, then click “Copy to Folder...” (or hit <CTRL + C>) to copy this file to the clipboard. 

e. Now click a local folder on the PC, such as the Desktop and hit <CTRL+V> to paste the file to this location. 

f. Edit the _SETUP.XML file using a text editor such as Windows Notepad and save desired changes. 

g. Right-click the modified file, then click “Copy to Folder...” (or hit <CTRL + C>), navigate to the SER IP address again, click in an open area, right-click and choose “Paste” (or hit <CTRL + V>). Confirm overwrite and close Explorer.

NOTE: The 'Instruction Bulletin: Reference Guide' can be accessed from Cyber Sciences web site

From the menu: 
- Products > Sequence of Event Recorder (SER)
- scroll down and select 'Documents' tab

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