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Why would a LC1F115 chatter with a new LX1FF110 coil?

Published date: 27 August 2018

LC1F Chatters with the new LX1FF coil

Product Line: 
Contactors and Starter - IEC

Tesys F Contactors and Starters 

They have changed the magnet in the LC1F115 contactors and the LX1FF coils will no longer work.

The existing LX1 type 50Hz or 60Hz coils cannot be used in contactors with Zinc coating magnets. LX9, LX4 and LXE coil types shall be used along with these new type magnets. Suitable marking are made on the product for the easy understanding of users. All new contactors manufactured with /without coil will be with Zinc coated magnets only.
See the attached Product information.   It also lists the new coil part numbers.

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