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How can you read motor power on the ATV212 drives through LonWorks?

Published date: 29 June 2020

Motor power status on the ATV212 drives through LonWorks

Product Line:
ATV21 and ATV212 with lonworks option card installed. 


Reading SNVT_Elec_Kwh_I: cumlative energy in kwh 

Via SNVT lonworks you will have only cumulative energy in kwh (SNVT_Elec_Kwh_I: cumulative energy in kwh)
You need to use the  Parameter access command requests "NviParamCmd", "NvoParamResp",  to read the parameter Output Power ( address in hex FE30 / 65072 in decimal , unit 0.01kw).
Please see the example on file attached.
Attached is also a PPT explaining in detail some ATV212 consumption parameter (input power, output power, input Energy and output Energy) with Logic address, you can by Lonworks read all these address (like on Pdf example by Parameter access command) and make a Lonworks monitoring table.

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