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PME was upgrading from PME7.2.2 to PME8.X. License Activation fails.

Published date: 04 June 2020

After an upgrade the user is required to add the new licenses using the Floating License Manager (FLM).  For a server that has no access to internet the procedure should be carried out manually by creating a RequestXML.xml file, uploading it through the Software Licensing Portal, and finishing the process in FLM using the ResponseXML.xml file.

The following error pops up while uploading the .xml file:

"Failed to process your License Request File
Error Code: 7288
Request includes a license that has not enough remaining usage rights available. Solution: Please contact your Software Registration Center."

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2
PME 8.0, PME 8.1, and PME 8.2

Floating License Manager (FLM)
Software Licensing Portal

In this case PME was either upgraded from PME 7.2.2 to PME 8.0 or PME 8.0 was installed on a new server/ virtual machine.

The reason for the error is because the PME 7.2 license is activate on the old system and are trying to activate the new license on another system; this is not allowed. The new PME 8.0 license is a child of the existing PME 7.2 license. This means the new license must be activated on the same server where the old license exists, or the old license has to be returned before the new license can be activated on a new server. The two licenses cannot be activated at the same time.

For detailed information on how to activate or return licenses in PME, please review FA225923.

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