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Is it possible to backup the ClearSCADA server configuration ?

Published date: 25 August 2019

The ClearSCADA Server Configuration Settings are set in the Windows registry and can be found in the following location:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Schneider Electric\ClearSCADA.

Although it is possible to back up the Registry from the Windows Registry Editor (for the purpose of copying these settings to a different ClearSCADA server), it is highly recommended that you do not choose this option.  Restoring the registry settings from one machine to another machine could lead to complications with the operating system. It is also not recommended to restore the backed-up registry settings from one version of ClearSCADA to a different version of ClearSCADA.

There are two recommended methods for transferring the server configuration settings from one ClearSCADA server to another ClearSCADA server:
  1. Configure a ‘Backup’ object in ViewX.  The Backup object can be used to not only backup the database (or a database object) but can also be used to backup the server’s registry settings.  Information on this may be found in the ViewX help here:
    System Administration | Server Administration | Backup the Database | Back up the Server’s Registry Settings
  2. Open the ClearSCADA server configuration on both ClearSCADA servers and manually copy the settings from one server to the other server.

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