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Vijeo Designer: Is there a way to disable System Error Log Message pop-ups on an HMI?

Published date: 20 September 2019

In Vijeo Designer, how do you disable the System Error Log Message pop-ups at the bottom of the screen on an HMI?

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Vijeo Designer, Magelis HMI running Vijeo Designer Runtime

Vijeo Designer Editor on Windows PC

Yes, the way to disable the System Error Log Message pop-ups by configuration is via the following steps:
  1.  In the Project Navigator, select the “Alarms & Events” node.
  2. Then in the last row of the Property Inspector, you will see the setting “Show System Error Window.
  3. Set that to “No” in the dropdown to the right.

It is then recommend to put in a screen that contains a System Error Log object so that  system errors can be seen by changing to this panel if desired. 
This can be found in the Toolchest -> Diagnostic folder and can be dragged onto the screen. Various sizes of the screen object can be found in the Toolchest.

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